It is hard to believe that it has been nearly 6 months since the last round of  progress medals were awarded to our trampolinists.

These special sessions are a great opportunity for parents to come and watch the class if they don’t usually attend too. The students demonstrate their latest acquired skills and moves and it is so great to see the improvements in basic balance and co-ordination as well as the more subtle aspects such as increased spatial awareness and confidence.

The Gold Medal presentation is greatly anticipated by the trampolinists as they all work hard on improving themselves within the sport, especially as achievements of gaining the next level badge slows as the moves get harder. The progress award is therefore a good way to ensure their continued efforts are still rewarded. This goes for our adult trampolinists as well as the children!

When deciding upon their progress medal winners, coaches have had to take numerous points into consideration such as a trampolinist’s increase in confidence, their determination and attentiveness in class (including ‘spotting’ to help ensure their classmates are safe), perseverance with a tricky move, improvements in balance and co-ordination and good attendance levels.

The Springfit team would like to shout a big ‘Well Done!’ to all 29 trampolinists listed below, who achieved this medal on their fantastic progress throughout the last six months.

Evie Lord STB MON T 1800 (9yrs)St Bedes Monday 6pm – Evie Lord

Oscar Leary STB MON T 1830 (8years)St Bedes Monday 6.30pm – Oscar Leary
Abigail Hobbs STB MON T 1900 (13yrs)St Bede’s Monday 7pm – Abigail Hobbs

Eva Campbell STB MON T 1930 (14yrs)St Bede’s Monday 7.30pm – Eva Campbell

Mags Marsh STB MON T 2030 (adult class)St Bede’s Monday 8.30pm – Mags Marsh Molly Neave JUB TUE T 1600 (8yrs)Jubilee Tuesday 4pm – Molly Neave
Yuval Ofir JUB TUE T 1700 (13yrs) Jubilee Tuesday 5pm – Yuval Ofir Moria Wu JUB TUE T 1800 (15yrs)Jubilee Tuesday 6pm – Moira Wu
Karolina Smith JUB TUE T 1900 (11yrs) Jubilee Tuesday 7pm – Karolina Smith Isabella Trathan STB WED T 1800 (9yrs) St Bede’s Wednesday 6pm – Isabella Trathan 
 Deborah Salmon STB WED G 1900St Bede’s Wednesday 7pm –Deborah Salmon Amy Lopez OAK WED T 1830 (14yrs)Oakwood Wednesday 6.30pm – Amy Lopez
Ella Spurgeon OAK WED T 1930 (13yrs)Oakwood Wednesday 7.30pm – Ella Spurgoen  
Oakwood Wednesday 8.30pm – Karen Bailey  (Photo to follow)

Casey Ives OAK THUR T 1645 (10years)Oakwood Thursday 4.45pm – 
Casey Ives
Oakwood Thursday 5.45pm – James Humphrys  (Photo to follow)
 Madison Emsley OAK THUR 1845Oakwood Thursday 6.45pm – Madison Emsley 

Sophie Naylor OAK Fri T 1700 (9yrs)Oakwood Friday 5pm – Sophie Naylor
Phoenix Hogan OAK FRI T 1800 (6yr)Oakwood Friday 6pm – Phoenix Hogan Morgan Freear OAK FRI T 1900 (8yrs)Oakwood Friday 7pm – Morgan Freear
Charlie Foster _ Scarlett Bowden ORI FRI G 1730 (11yrs)Oriel Friday 5.30pm – Charlie Foster & Scarlett Bowden Harry Rest ORI FRI T 1830 (15yrs)Oriel Friday 6.30pm – Harry Rest
Oriel Friday 7.30pm – Esther Sturch (photo to follow) Sophia Dear OAK Sat T 1100 (3yrs)Oakwood Saturday 11am – Sophia Dear 
Anishka Patel OAK Sat T 1200_(10yrs)Oakwood Saturday 12pm – Anishka Patel Oakwood Saturday 1pm – Lottie Richardson (Photo to follow)
Ciara Fitzsimons ORI SAT T 1100 (10yrs) Oriel Saturday 11am – Ciara Fitzsimons  Christian Edwards ORI SAT T 1200 (6yrs)Oriel Saturday 12pm – Christian Edwards
Evie Sweetman OAK SUN T 1100 (5 yrs)Oakwood Sunday 11am – Evie Sweetman