We recently held our highly anticipated four monthly trampoline competition at Moor House School in Oxted. Gymnasts from four other clubs made their way to Oxted to compete along with 20 members of Springfit.

Many parents and grandparents came along to watch and the gym was full of eager supporters and excited gymnasts by 2pm. The afternoon started with the younger children aged 5-12 years competing in the entry level grades. Any nerves were left at the door as the little ones hopped on to the trampoline and performed two routines (for some it was as though they had done it a million times before in front of so many people!) There were some brave young gymnasts in this category that showcased great coordination, agility and balance, performing tricky moves with ease. Eloise Murphy (age 7) took away a well deserved gold medal for a flawless routine and Madison Emsley (age 10) did really well and won a bronze medal. A great start to hopefully many more competitions for them in the future.

After a short break, the second half commenced with the impressive higher level grades involving many somersaults. Gymnasts aged 7-17 years in five different categories took to the trampoline and once again performed two routines. The second half clearly showed that sticking with the sport from a young age really does pay off as the precision with which routines were performed was fantastic and the competition was really quite tough. Katie Pidgeon (age 17) and Scarlett Shepherd (age 10) both performed impeccably well and wowed the spectators with their high energy routines. Both came away with well deserved gold medals. Lauren Monk (age 14) earned a bronze medal and Charlotte Grainger (age 13) and Rachel Bull (age 12) performed a great synchronized routine together and took away Silver medals.

It was a really fun afternoon in a friendly and relaxed environment as is always the case at any of our competitions.

Well done to everyone that took part!

Below is a photo of all the medal winners from the first half of the competition.


Trampoline Comp Mar 15