During the first week in June our trampoline progress medals took place. Coaches had to think long and hard to decide on who, from each of their classes,  deserved the ‘Gold Medal’ for the progress that they have made over the last 6 months.

When deciding upon their progress medal winners, coaches have had to take numerous points into consideration such as a trampolinist’s increase in confidence, their determination and attentiveness in class (including ‘spotting’ to help ensure their classmates are safe), perseverance with a tricky move, improvements in balance and co-ordination and good attendance levels. At Springfit we feel the progress medals are a great way to boost confidence as well as to reward their hard work.

We love to invite parents along to spectate when we are assessing for the progress awards as it helps to make the day all the more special and provides a great, supportive crowd around the trampolines. The children clearly grow in confidence and enjoy showing off their latest skills for parents to see how far they have come in the past six months.

The Springfit team would like to congratulate all gymnasts pictured below, who achieved this medal for their fantastic progress throughout the last six months.

STB Mon 6pm Zita Catona (10yrs)St Bedes Monday-6pm Zita Catona (10yrs) 

STB Mon T 1830 Sophia May (9yrs)St Bedes Monday-6.30pm Sophia May (9yrs)
STB Mon 7pm Anastasia Brignall (10yrs)St Bede’s Monday 7pm-Anastasia Brignall (10yrs)

STB Mon T 1930 Jazmine Hogan (10yrs)St Bede’s Monday 7.30pm-Jazmine Hogan (10yrs)

STB Mon T 2030 Rosalind StennetSt Bede’s Monday 8.30pm-Rosalind Stennet  JUB Tue 4pm Scarlett Mills (5yrs)Jubilee Tuesday 4pm-Scarlett Mills (5yrs)
Jubilee Tuesday 5pm-Winners asked not to be posted
JUB Tue 6pm Leah Wood (10yrs)Jubilee Tuesday 6pm-Leah Wood (10yrs) 
 JUB Tue 7pm Rachel Bull (11yrs)Jubilee Tuesday 7pm-Rachel Bull (11yrs)  STB Wed 6pm Isabella Burns (9yrs)St Bede’s Wednesday 6pm-Isabella Burns (9yrs)
 St Bede’s Wednesday 7pm -Deborah Salmon (Photo to follow)
OAK Wed T 1830 Milo Frost (7yrs)Oakwood Wednesday 6.30pm-Milo Frost (7yrs)
 OAK Wed T 1930 Vicky Pearce (16yrs)Oakwood Wednesday 7.30pm-Vicky Pearce  OAK Wed T 2030 Sophie LambertOakwood Wednesday 8.30pm-Sophie Lambert
OAK Thu 4_45pm Lily Woolsey (6yrs)Oakwood Thursday 4.45pm-Lily Woolsey (6yrs) OAK Thu 5_45pm Lexi Curry (6yrs)Oakwood Thursday 5.45pm-Lexi Curry (6yrs)
 OAK Thu 6.45pm Lily Woolsey (6yrs)Oakwood Thursday 6.45pm-Lily-Mae Frost (9yrs)
OAK Fri 5pm Emily Isherwood (8yrs)Oakwood Friday 5pm-Emily Isherwood (8yrs) OAK Fri 6pm Isabella Elsworthy (4yrs)Oakwood Friday 6pm-Isabella Elsworthy (4yrs)

OAK Fri 7pm Ursula Furtek (yrs) _ Ellen Sarling (10yrs)
Oakwood Friday 7pm-Ursula Furtek and Ellen Sarling
ORI Fri 5.30pm Yasmine Smith (11yrs)Oriel Friday 5.30pm-Yasmine Smith (11yrs)
ORI Fri 6.30pm Lauren Monk (13yrs)Oriel Friday 6.30pm-Lauren Monk (13yrs) ORI Fri 7.30pm Grace Woods (8yrs) Oriel Friday 7.30pm-Grace Woods (8yrs)

OAK Sat 11am Lily Murphy (6yrs)
Oakwood Saturday 11am-Lily Murphy (6yrs)
OAK Sat 12pm Matthew GirlingOakwood Saturday 12pm-Matthew Girling
 OAK Sat 1pm Jessica Rockhill (5yrs)Oakwood Saturday 1pm-Jessica Rockhill (5yrs) ORI Sat 11am Erin Barnes (5yrs)Oriel Saturday 11am-Erin Barnes (5yrs)
ORI Sat12pm Alex EdwardsOriel Saturday 12pm – Alex Edwards (5yrs) OAK Sun 11am Eva Zielka (7yrs)Oakwood Sunday 11am- Eva Zielka (7yrs)