Three of our 7 year old gymnasts won the hearts of spectators at the annual Acro competition that we take part in. Acrobatic Gymnastics is a difficult discipline as it involves partnering with another individual or a team to perform routines consisting of counter-balance moves, balances, lifts, dance and tumbling moves, all set to music.

The 7 year old boys did so well and put on a very brave performance. They had never taken part in any competitions before, in fact one of the boys has only been with the club for 3 months! We are really proud of them. To be only 2.7 marks off their starting tariff was a fantastic effort, and actually equalled the performance of the trio that went on to win Gold!

Diligently practicing at their weekly boys class at Oakwood certainly helped with overcoming nerves on the day, and the boys thank their Head Coach, Georgie who has worked with them every week to build their confidence. She was there when they took the floor in front of all the spectators and was overjoyed to witness a brilliant routine. The crowd’s reaction to the trio proved how much everyone loved it too. The three boys really did steal the show!

The boys from Horley and Crawley, all 7 years old, are pictured below. Aaron Cass, Nathan Head and Alexander Ballard all attend our Thursday 5pm boys gymnastics class at Oakwood Sports Centre, Horley.


Boys at acro comp

Boys at Acro 2