Our six monthly trampoline competition took place on Saturday 8th November at Moor House School, Oxted. We invited several other local clubs, schools and organisations in the Surrey area to participate.

The day commenced with lots of nervous excitement and encouragement from the many parents/family members who stayed to spectate and show their support for the competitors.

The competition was tough and all trampolinists performed two routines, showing amazing displays of talent and determination. The age of those competing ranged from 5 to 15 years. Although this was a friendly competition, young trampolinists were still under pressure to perform their routines with precision and in front of a large crowd with all eyes on them. We believe that competitions like this really do boost children’s confidence. It gives them such a sense of achievement and something to be proud of. Even if they don’t win, performing in front of a crowd does wonders for self esteem.

It was a fantastic day in a fun and friendly atmosphere thanks to the competitors and the supporters. 30 bronze, silver and gold medals in total were awarded in various categories and all competitors received certificates of achievement.

Along with medals for achievement, there was also a trophy awarded for “effort in competition”. This was presented in loving memory of Marie Manhire-Clark who was a judge at our competitions for many years and tragically passed away the week before the event at the age of 29. This will be an ongoing dedication for future events to honour her involvement and encouragement in helping so many people enjoy the pinnacle of their trampoline experience in competition. Fittingly, Eloise North of Marie’s club, Anti-Gravity, won the trophy in the higher categories.

Our next event in March is already highly anticipated with several children moving up to higher ability grades having won gold medals. Watch this space!

A huge well done and congratulations to all those who took part!


Tramp Comp - Nov 14

Trampoline Comp - Nov 14