On Saturday 14th June Springfit held their latest trampoline competition in the sports hall of Moor House School in Hurst Green.

Members from several local clubs and sports centres joined together to show off their amazing talent on the trampolines and try to win medals in various ability categories. There were over sixty keen children taking part, many of whom have never before competed, but the friendly atmosphere of the competition made them feel very welcome and helped calm any nerves.

In support for the brave individuals were plenty of family and friends, who applauded every effort and populated the balcony of the sports centre with vocal support. This vantage point provided some excellent aerial shots of the children showing a fine display of shapes and somersaults in each ten-move routine. Looking up for approval were a wide range of competitors, from four-year olds out of Springfit’s Funfit classes all the way up to the teenagers of the elite classes, and there was even an adult section for those heralding from the many mature trampoline sessions. Each showcased their talent to the panel of judges with poise and precision in this tricky sport.

The judges were impressed with the quality of performances, which seems to improve with every event, and commended the support of the staff from each local club who came along. Head Judge Adam Reynolds said of the event: “To have so many instructors and staff from all these clubs come along to show support for children who are clearly passionate about trampolining is great. It’s clear that the efforts are appreciated by performers and parents, and this makes it always worthwhile.”

Huge congratulations must go to each and every competitor who displayed determination on the apparatus, and enjoyed the event showing great sportsmanship which helped to create such a fun and friendly atmosphere.

Pictured below are some of the medal winners from the higher grades who performed in the second half of the event.

Trampoline competition second half winners 14.6.14
Trampoline competition second half winners 14.6.14