We are pleased to announce that we have added another Freestyle gymnastics session to our class schedule, making Springfit a leader in this popular discipline throughout the East Surrey area and bringing the total number of weekly classes to 66!

It runs on Wednesdays from 8:30 to 9:30pm at Oakwood Sports Centre in Horley.

The popularity of Freestyle gymnastics is evident not only at the multiple Springfit classes, but also around local parks and public areas where children are testing their physical limits. The sight of more ‘stunts’ and obvious increased agility than perhaps in previous generations has parents worrying what children get up to on the streets. Springfit and other gymnastics clubs provide a safe learning environment for these energetic youngsters who like to let off steam in such a holistic and visually spectacular way.

The sessions are praised by the local police who often direct children who may be seen to be causing a disturbance towards safe and productive activities such as parkour classes. Coaches experience excellent discipline levels though, as the participants energies are directed towards something they are enthusiastic about.

From the non-stop youngsters to older, interested adults who like the freedom of the discipline, Freestyle classes provide an excellent outlet for all ages and abilities. Many of those who enjoy it come from the boys gymnastics classes at the club, and as we look to the future, it seems that throughout the journey from pre-school through to adult classes, the Freestyle discipline is one that will be integral to many people’s enjoyment of gymnastics. With membership levels almost at 1,000 participants, the club will clearly not be slowing down any time soon.