Thirteen year old Springfit gymnast Lucy Pidgeon was on top of the world in April, winning no less than three medals in a recent acrobatic competition.

Showing her versatility in the discipline by performing in two ability levels including the hardest grade possible at the recreational event, Lucy took the plaudits every time she took the floor. Being a supporting ‘base’ gymnast for younger members of her class at Oriel school in Maidenbower, then going on to fly in the air as a ‘top’ for more established members of the class was a tall order for any gymnast. Lucy learnt the routines for all performances flawlessly and managed to help her friends finish in the top spots on all occasions.

Acrobatic gymnastics is an impressive sport where strength, balance and control are key. Traits that Lucy clearly has in abundance. This was evident as the delicately choreographed displays were punctuated by brilliant displays of tumbles being performed in time to music, and balances shared with her partners at regular intervals throughout the performance.

Judges provide extra points for having a positive attitude, confidence and variety in the performances, and Lucy’s routines all scored highly on these aspects. Lucy’s coach, Stacey Rodd said of her performance: “Lucy worked so hard on the moves in her routines, and coped well with the changes required to be both a top and base for different performances. She was over the moon at being in the top three for all her categories, but is modest enough to thank her partners at the same time. That’s one of the things that makes Lucy great to teach each week.”

Pictured below is Lucy with her trio partners for the Grade 1 level performance, and her medals proudly round her neck.

Lucy Pidgeon's triple medal success
Lucy Pidgeon’s triple medal success