On the 15th of June, we hosted a unique competition for the highly spectacular discipline of trampette. The mini-trampoline equipment propels people high into the air where they can perform complex and impressive aerial maneuvers.

With a selection of ability-based grades from basic shaped jumps and half turns up to multiple-twisting somersaults, members from several local clubs showcased their talent at the event held at Oakwood sports centre.

The gymnasts and their families all took a great deal from the competition, which enjoyed an unprecedented level of inclusion with judges taking time to explain how the jumps are scored across various criteria, and answering any questions spectators had. This allowed for a great atmosphere in the gymnasium, including many Dads who commented on their joy at being there to see their child compete on Fathers Day.

From the youngest participants challenging for medals in Grade 1 through to the more experienced ones at Grade 6, each performed four jumps for the judges and tried their best to control the landing, much like their idols from the Olympics. Displaying important elements in each such as control, height, power and strength, the excitement was palpable as the scores were read out. Proudest of all was Jessica Ford who won a well deserved gold medal on her eighth birthday, amongst some stiff competition.

Jessica is pictured front and centre below, along with other proud medal winners from the various categories, all of whom will no doubt step up to the next category when the event comes around next year.

Trampette competition winners 15.6.14
Trampette competition winners 15.6.14