Sunday 16th November saw us host the largest gymnastics competition we have run to date. Other local clubs and organisations in the Surrey area were invited along to participate in this very friendly competition. With 91 competitors and over 200 parents and supporters cheering the gymnasts on, it was an action packed day with a fabulous, fun and lively atmosphere.

The first half of the day saw 45 competitors from novice Grades 1 and 2 take part in floor routines and jumps over the vault. Despite some nerves, there were some really talented young gymnasts and for many it was their first competition and first time in front of such a large audience. The crowd were brilliant and were really cheering the youngsters on. This kind of friendly competition really does boost a child’s confidence, whether they win or not. It helps boost self esteem and taking part in such a large competition is something they can be really proud of.

The second half of the day saw the slightly older and more experienced gymnasts compete, with more advanced Grades 2 through to 6. Some of the routines that were performed were very impressive and the crowd looked on in amazement at gymnasts somersaulting through the air and springing high over the vault. Quite a large proportion of the gymnasts that performed in this age category have been with us since they were very young and have competed for a number of years, starting in the earlier grades. It was incredible to see such talent and how a gymnast’s ability increases so much with age if they stick with the sport.

Independent judges and officials from other clubs were brought in to help out and 36 bronze, silver and gold medals in total were awarded, along with the “Charlie Clifton award for effort in competition”. This special trophy is in memory of a stalwart of Springfit Club and his enduring dedication to the efforts of gymnasts who enjoy the sport. It was presented to nine year old Maddie Vickers of Pointers Club who overcame tearful nerves to finish her routine with aplomb and an ovation from those watching.

The event was such a friendly affair with competitors looking on encouraging each other and also congratulating each other after each routine and medal presentation had taken place.

A huge well done and congratulations for all those who took part and are looking forward to the next competition in March.


Gym comp 3 - Nov 14
Gym comp 3 – Nov 14