Springfit recently held a trampoline competition inviting members of local sports clubs and other leisure organisations to enjoy a relaxed and friendly event with members vying to win medals in different age and ability categories.

Our entry level sports club run three competitions a year in local venues to help encourage high performance situations and offer the children a challenge. Many younger children relish this opportunity to perform in front of their family and peers, and so many experience a marked improvement in their enthusiasm and ability in the sport since being given the chance.

The fun competition comes as a breath of fresh air for many parents who have experienced heated situations at other events, and many comment on the level of support given by all coaches and officials in attendance. Most of all it’s the medal ceremony that competitors enjoy, and proud show-and-tell sessions will take place across many schools this week.

With a wide range of abilities on show, the admiration of the junior members is evident when the more experienced athletes start doing their somersaulting in routines, and in talking to them between rounds, you can see that everyone involved is helping to build starts of the future.

Pictured below are the medal winners from top left to bottom right:
Megan Quinn-Edwards(13, Pointers), Charlotte Goacher? (12, Pointers?), Abbie Chart (12, Springfit), Jemma Belton (9, Anti-Gravity), Rebecca Morris (10, Anti-Gravity), Piya Shah (11, Anti-Gravity), Molly Cooke (10, Anti-Gravity), Ella Price (10, Pro-Gravity), Abigail Moore (10, Anti-Gravity), Jemma Denman (Anti-Gravity), Morgan Fisher (7, Pointers), Chloe Davey (6, Anti-Gravity) and Eloise North (6, Anti-Gravity).Tramp comp 2.3.13