Springfit held one of our popular tri-annual trampoline competitions in Oxted last weekend. Schools, sports centres and members of recreational classes from other trampoline clubs were invited along to take part in the event.

The competition proved even more popular than usual, as the format had changed to allow for more inclusiveness and better progression for advanced competitors. This was evidently a good decision as spectators enjoyed the efforts of children as young as three years old take part in the event. For those youngsters who just love the limelight, competitions such as these are a worthwhile addition to their enjoyment of trampolining, and especially if they walk away with a medal!

Parents commented on how relaxed the atmosphere was and how supportive the event is for children’s confidence and maturity. Being a local event is an obvious benefit, as parents don’t have to trek half way round the country for their chance to proudly watch their children perform.

The competition was split into ability-based levels, and then further into age categories. The most basic move performed is a front landing and the higher grades involve spectacular multiple somersaults. Gold, silver and bronze medals are awarded for the highest scores at each level, and everyone takes home a certificate of achievement just for taking part.

Pictured below are the medal winners with age and club they represent. From top left to bottom right:

Jonathan Brown (10, Springfit), Bethany Hobbs (8, Springfit), Megan Forrester (9, Pointers.), Morgan Fisher (8, Pointers), Eloise North (7, Anti-Gravity), Shannon Stack (10, Anti-Gravity), Ellie Johnson (12, Pointers), Ella Horent (10, Springfit), Bea Torre (9, Anti-Gravity), Piya Shah (11, Anti-Gravity), Emily Reeves (11, Anti-Gravity), Gemma Denman (12, Anti-Gravity), Amber Jackson (10, Anti-Gravity), Kayla Briggs (14, Twizzlers) and Tianee Camille (13, Twizzlers).

Tramp comp 15.6.13