We are pleased and excited to announce the first of a new annual event that will be taking place at Springfit this December.

Throughout the week from 16th to 22nd December, all classes at Springfit will have the chance to enjoy the challenge of breaking CLUB RECORDS, as detailed at www.springfit.org/records.

The “records day” will be an opportunity for gymnasts to challenge their coach (where possible) and win prizes, as well as trying to beat certain moves that club members have held for the longest, performed the most times, done the highest, furthest or lowest and even created themselves.

If there is a certain skill not on the list, gymnasts are invited to make up their own record and get their name on the leaderboard.

At the end of the week the records will be collated from each venue and the website will be updated to show those who performed the impressive feats best.

Club records are a great way of providing alternative options for class members to do when they get ‘stuck’ on certain moves from the Proficiency Awards undertaken in classes and can be attempted at any time.

We are all looking forward to Records Week at the club and wish everyone every luck on their day!

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