Members of Horley based Springfit Gym club took part in a tumbling competition organised by Pointers Gym club in Warlingham last weekend. There were over 100 gymnasts of all ages performing a sequence of moves on a strip of floor called the ‘tumble run’.

Youngsters from different organisations all over Surrey and Sussex came together to enjoy a relaxed and fun atmosphere, which was very encouraging for all involved. Events such as this are arranged several times a year by Springfit and Pointers to invite members of their classes to a friendly situation which encourages participation in healthy competition.

Two panels of judges scored runs from different ability-based grades ranging from forward and backward rolls right up to front and back somersaults, performed without the aid of any equipment whatsoever!

A crowd favourite is the move where ‘free’ cartwheels are performed with no hands, and the further up the grades the gymnasts went the louder the spectators got, applauding at the ability levels.

Springfit members walked away with three gold medals, four silver medals and four bronze medals in all; a proud result for the recreational club who have branches in Redhill, Horley, Crawley and East Grinstead. Someone from each of these venues was present at the competition and every single one of them enjoyed their time performing in front of a crowd.

Pictured below is six year old Megan Smith who won a gold medal in her first competition with the club.

JUB Tue 6 G M.Smith