Nine year old Ruby Charlesworth from Horley has been awarded Springfit Gym Club’s Elite Trophy for her outstanding achievements throughout the last year.
The trophy rewards effort in improving flexibility, strength, attitude and performance in gymnastics.
Ruby has begun competing in regular competitions for the club and has shown a determination in her attitude towards training sessions that her coaches admire. She works hard individually to improve her own ability level and her self-motivation is evident to other members of the Elite gymnastics class. This special class is not advertised by Springfit but provides further hours of training to members through a personal invitation by the Head Coach of the several advanced classes at the club as a means to provide further training in the more difficult skills children can learn.

Ruby clearly enjoys the sport, always training with a huge smile on her face. This is probably the reason she has managed to progress so well in recent months. She puts 100% into every aspect of her training and the results speak for themselves – she has achieved some excellent new moves on the gym floor and on various apparatus and each time this leads to a desire to learn more!

Ruby is pictured here receiving the trophy in front of her peers during the Thursday Elite class.

 Ruby Charlesworth