Springfit gymnastics and trampoline club have been running Freestyle gym classes at St Bede’s in Redhill every Monday night for the last few months and have experienced a fantastic uptake from children and adults of all walks of life from near and far.

The session is run by four parkour enthusiasts who have attended classes at the club for a number of years and are keen to show the world how their exciting discipline is as good for you as the usual structured gymnastics activities. The boys set up stations around the gym for children to challenge themselves and fly through the air in the most fun session the club has run yet.

Since word has spread about the classes, the club  has experienced an enormous uptake from children young and old. So much so that it has been neccessary to add a later session from 8pm to 9:30pm for older children and adults.

The 8pm class is already building steadily, with dancers who come along to improve flexibility and fearless teenagers who want to let off steam on the equipment.

The club is proud to be adding the sessions to their schedule of over 50 classes in the local area and will soon be rolling out Freestyle gymnastics in other areas such as Horley and East Grinstead.

Keep in touch with us to join our ‘list of interest’ so you can be informed as soon as the new classes start up near you!

Freestyle in action