Springfit’s flagship venue at Oakwood Sports Centre in Horley is in desperate need of scrubbing the decks.

The school and Sports Centre management have agreed to give the gymnasium a lick of paint if something can be done to seal the bare brickwork which is suffering with a case of damp in the corners.

So far the quotes they have had run into the thousands and the school and Sports Centre are both unwilling or unable to provide the money for this, so instead are choosing to leave the gymnasium in the state it is in, which we consider unacceptable.

As a room we use five days a week for classes for children from age 2 years up to adults, we are embarrassed by the state of the gymnasium, as I’m sure some parents are too, and all our staff at the club have offered our help to get the situation sorted.

The expense is the prohibitive factor, and we are convinced there must be something that can be done to help make the hall look more presentable. It is approximately 21 x 12 meters and 10 metres high.

We have been told advice such as that a coat of PVA will seal the walls sufficiently, plastering or plasterboarding may be an option, a special paint will do the trick, and the source of the damp is easy to fix, but as we are not qualified builders or decorators or plasterers, our suggestions will not be taken on board by the school who own the building and want to make sure at least a semi- proper job is done.

We would like to call upon our members to please get in touch if anyone knows of a builder or decorator that would be willing to provide a competitive quote to Oakwood school / Sports Centre for the sealing of the walls using any suitable method.

We can then get the walls painted and make our gymnasium a much more welcoming place to be.

Of course if anyone is available to lend a hand with the painting then any offer of labour is very welcomed too!