Springfit entered several gymnasts into a local acrobatic competition recently, and achieved several medal places in the popular event.

Held at Warlingham School, there were over 30 Acrobatic routines performed with varying degrees of difficulty. In the novice categories, Springfit pair Cameron Neal-Macinnes and Luyanda Sugg (both 9yrs old) from the club’s newest venue in East Grinstead achieved silver medals in their first ever competition.

Veterans Hannah Bagley (13) and Georgie Long (14) also achieved a silver medal in the next grade up performing a routine including balances, lifts and synchronised gymnastics moves. They are from the Redhill branch of the club at St Bede’s school.

In the hardest category was a trio of gymnasts from the Oriel school venue in Maidenbower, who narrowly took the gold medal from other impressive teams from an acro-based club. Their routine included handstands on knees, standing on shoulders, somersaulting from on high and other impressive feats of flexibility and strength that makes this sport such an excellent spectator sport. There is even call for it to be included in the next Olympic games!

Acrobatic Gymnastics is a partner sport involving high degrees of technical precision with the trust and camaraderie of a dedicated partnership, either in pairs or trios. It is performed with the grace and musicality of dance.

Head Judge Sefra Crilly said “It was fantastic to see a lot of new faces and everyone enjoying the day. I was very impressed with the high standard of the gymnasts.”

Congratulations go to all the competitors, but in particular to the medal winners from both sections of the competition, some of who are listed below.

From left to right:-

Georgia Long (Springfit), Francesca Bagley (Springfit), Ellie Grant (Pointers), Emily Charman (Springfit), Millie Gibbins (Pointers), Katie Pidgeon (Springfit), Kirsty Chapman (Springfit), Abbie Clifton (Springfit), Luyanda Sugg (Springfit), Zara Flint (Springfit), Cameron Neal-Macinnes (Springfit), Carina Sosteric (Pointers), Lily Fairhall (Pointers), Sinead Skinner (Twizzlers), Amber Kulinski (Twizzlers), Esmee Allenby-Straker (Pointers) and Eloise North (Pointers).

Acro comp 20.4.2013