Sweltering temperatures brought an extra challenge to the annual Springfit Beam and Trampette gymnastics competition in July.

Over fifty gymnasts turned out to pit themselves against each other in a friendly competition consisting of two very different disciplines.

Members of local club Pointers showed their skill and determination on the extremely difficult beam apparatus, performing jumps, turns and various other moves as they linked together a routine which wowed the crowd.

Following the medal presentation for this, members of several local clubs were split into categories based on difficulty to perform four different jumps on the trampette and tried their hardest to stick the landing completely still to earn the highest points from the judges.

Each jump was judged on various factors such as flight time, contact accuracy and take-off quality. The top three highest scoring individuals were awarded medals in each category and every single person walked away with a certificate of achievement.

Thirteen out of eighteen medals went to Springfit gymnasts, with little seven year-old Isabella Gair earning special mention for her achievement of a gold medal in her very first competition.

There were some fantastic moves on show from basic shaped jumps right the way up to twisting somersaults and everyone clearly tried their hardest.

The afternoon was broken up into different heats at the last minute due to the unbearable heat in the gymnasium, but it didn’t stop those in attendance having a great time whether they were in the audience or taking part!

For a full list of results, please CLICK HERE.

Trampette dive rolls are a favourite!
Trampette dive rolls are a favourite!