We are pleased to announce the arrival of Annabel Farley BSc Hons as part of the management team at Springfit.

Annabel brings a level of enthusiasm and commitment which will prove to be most beneficial for everyone involved with the club as she settles into her role encompassing coach and parent co-ordinator as well as facilitator of club projects and class development.

Annabel has a degree in Sports Science and is eager to apply her skills to the many ideas and opportunities the club has in its development plan. No doubt our members will notice improvements in all aspects of classes and communication with the office as the future vision of the club begins to take giant leaps forward.

Annabel says “I look forward to meeting everyone and hearing about people progressing in classes. Competitions will be especially exciting to be part of, and my first one this November will give me plenty of ideas to work with for beneficial things to do over the next year.”

Look out for her influence in everything from eye-catching displays appearing in every venue to informative posters and emails for parents.

The future is bright at Springfit.