Springfit held another of their regular and popular invitational trampoline competitions last weekend at Moor House School in Oxted.
The superb venue saw trampolinists from several local clubs, schools, sports and leisure centres throughout Surrey and Sussex compete in various age and ability categories. Some came from as far as Brighton to enjoy the fun and friendly atmosphere of this unique recreational competition.

Medals were awarded in a podium ceremony that allowed the children to beam with joy, as did the many proud spectators who enjoyed the view from the balcony or from even closer to the action.
Many children were competing for the first time, and all of them said how enjoyable the experience was, with the event staff and coaching support team helping everyone out along the way.

The Winstrada proficiency award scheme provides the grades that each child performs in class and the routine they take to competition. With much less pressure than at other events, the youngsters were able to enjoy the experience of performing the best ten-jump routine they could for the judging panel.

The advanced section followed, with routines involving multiple somersaults from older gymnasts who train at a higher level. There is often an adult section too, as the event really does cater for everyone!
The synchronised section is always a spectacle, with two gymnasts performing a routine at the same time as each other. A treat to watch at all levels of competition, and the results were very close.

Pictured below are the medal winners from the Grade 8 section of the competition.
From top left to bottom right:

Alexia-Jane Armitage (13, Springfit), Jenni Roberts (13, Stanley Deason), Jessica Fry (14, Springfit), Izzy McCarthy (11, Pointers), Danielle Lloyd (High Vaultage), Elizabeth Mesher (High Vaultage), Clarity Kennedy (High Vaultage), Caitlin Ford (10, Springfit), Shannon Stack (9,Anti-Gravity), Ella Horent (10, Springfit), Bea Torre (8, Anti-Gravity), Olivia Wright (High Vaultage), Fearne Hole (High Vaultage), Kip Cheema (6, Springfit)