Several local trampoline clubs came together recently to take part in a friendly competition for children throughout Surrey and Sussex. They ranged from many shy and nervous first-time competitors to teenage bouncing sensations, performing complex moves for the audience.

The tri-annual events see Springfit bring many members to the competitions. There were plenty of winners taking home medals for each of the ability-based categories and some were so popular they were further split into age ranges.

Five different clubs had gymnasts competing and every one of them had a winner amongst their entrants. Many were competing for the first time, and everyone commented on how supportive the friendly atmosphere helped them have the courage to compete against their peers and enjoy the afternoon.

There were plenty of spectators who enjoyed the performances too, with the balcony packed with onlookers and proud parents cheering their children’s involvement.

The judging panel scored routines from those who have achieved Grade 8 of the Winstrada proficiency award system used throughout the UK right up to advanced grades from the same scheme. The Grade 10 and above levels, where somersaults are introduced, is always a tough category to distinguish winners from. A difference of only 0.2 points separated first and third place, with several others coming extremely close to the podium places.

The synchronised section completed the event, where two trampolinists perform the same routine in time with each other, being awarded extra points for being in time. This is always a great spectacle and a favourite with those who love the sport of trampolining.

Pictured below are the medal winners from the Advanced sections of the competition. From top left to bottom right:

Jonathan Brown (10, Springfit), Jemma Denman (11, Anti-Gravity), Abigail Moore (10, Pro-Gravity), Ella Price (10, Pro-Gravity) and Abigail Barker (16, Pointers)