On Sunday 25th March members of local gymnastics club SPRINGFIT joined several other clubs throughout the Surrey area to compete in an Acrobatic and Tumbling event in Warlingham.

This year was the largest turnout the host club has ever seen and plenty of friends and families waited excitedly for their child to perform. Judge Sefra Crilly said “It was a huge success with a lot of new competitors who came along to prove themselves. I was very impressed to see the improvement in strength, flexibility and confidence from all of the gymnasts, and was very entertained by the well choreographed acrobatics pair and trio routines.”

The competition consisted of two disciplines, first being tumbling including novice grades of forward rolls and cartwheels, to the advanced grades of front and back somersaults. This was followed by some very diverse and well performed acrobatic performances to finish off the competition. Acrobatics is a discipline which uses no apparatus but only the strength and trust of each other to balance, performed to music with entertaining dance moves linking elements.

Special mention should go to Springfit’s Lucy Pidgeon (11yrs) who took home three gold medals after competing in all three disciplines. Showcasing her exceptional telent in all areas of gymnastics, she had the biggest smile of all those attending. Congratulations go out to everyone who competed.

Pictured below is proud Lucy Pidgeon and the tumbling medal winners. From top left to bottom right:Zoe Burcombe (Pointers), Megan Davies (Pointers), Lucy Parker (Springfit), Lucy Pidgeon (Springfit), Abbie Clifton (Springfit), Lily Fairhall (Pointers), Ellie Grant (Pointers), Rebecca Froud (Pointers), Becky Barker (Pointers), Chloe Froud (Pointers), Gabriella Bailey (Springfit), Grace Thomas (High Vaultage), Millie Grice (High Vaultage), Eden Kilgour (High Vaultage), and Daniel Brigden (Springfit)


Lucy Pidgeon and her medal haul
Tumble competition winners