Springfit club held a competition recently in the Olympic gymnastics disciplines of floor routines and vaulting. We invited people from several local gym clubs and other organisations who provide the beneficial activity in centres throughout Surrey and Sussex.

The event was held at our flagship venue of Oakwood sports centre in Horley, where over 100 spectators turned out to support their children competing in the friendly event. As a recreational club, we provide classes for all ages and abilities from 2 years old, and at age 6 we invite any level of competitor to join in the fun event against their friends and class mates. There are lots of people, even relatively new to the sport, who love to show what they can do and give themselves a chance to win a medal from the panel of judges.

Everyone received a certificate of achievement for taking part and there were lots of smiles from the gold medal winners and proud parents. Someone from every club was invited and someone from every venue of the host club’s four centres walked away with a podium spot, so there was lots of talent spread all around that was recognised and rewarded. There is even a trophy awarded by the judges for effort, given to the child who didn’t quite make the medals but showed a lot of character in taking part.

The coaches of every club helped to make the event a success and many parents commented on how friendly the whole show was for their nervous little ones. With three competitions a year, they can be assured that there will be more joy to come!

Pictured below are the medal winners from the beginners grades and advanced grades. From top left to bottom right:

Jack Ashton (8, Springfit – St Bede’s), Kate Moseley (9, Pointers), Hannah Warbey (8, Springfit – Jubilee), Sammy Scott-Browne (9, Springfit  -Oakwood), Rebecca Ogston (9, Springfit – Oakwood), Kieran Hart (9, Springfit – Oakwood), Millie Gibbins (10, Pointers), Megan Cline (7, Springfit – Oakwood), Lauren Cahill (6, Pointers), Megan Smith (Springfit  – Jubilee), Amber Worth (8, Pointers), Eloise North (6, Pointers) and Lily Andrews (5, Springfit – Oakwood).

Abbie Clifton (14, Springfit – Oriel), Alice Melville (14, Springfit – Oakwood), Jessica Hann (13, Pointers), Daisy Roadnight (14, Pointers), Francesca Bagley (14, Springfit – St Bede’s), Lily Fairhall (14, Pointers), Georgia Gunn (13, Springfit – Jubilee), Lucy Pidgeon (11, Springfit), Lily Edwards (7, Springfit), Emily Marti-Cornish (7, Springfit), Lucy Baxter (11, Springfit – St Bede’s) and Georgia Shackel (12, Springfit – St Bede’s).