Springfit gymnastics and trampoline club held a trampette competition for members of local clubs, schools and organisations throughout Surrey and Sussex last weekend.

The gymnastics discipline uses a mini trampoline to launch people into the air and perform moves similar to those seen in “team gym” displays and most recently on Britain’s Got Talent.

Children as young as 4 performed various shaped jumps or somersaults for a panel of judges who scored them on various aspects of the jump including height, power and strength. Those who got the best overall score were awarded a medal and everyone received a certificate of achievement for taking part.

With their dedication to fun and friendliness, Springfit provided a typically enjoyable event for spectators, and in-between rounds, coaches were inviting parents to take part in ‘trampette basketball’ – a regular favourite at the club. Those who managed to score a basket were offered rewards, and some very small children did exceptionally well as did members of some of Springfit’s nine adult classes. One lucky gymnast took home the judges trophy awarded for effort in competition as she smiled and tried her hardest throughout the afternoon.

Everyone enjoyed the afternoon and many commented on how friendly and helpful the coaches from so many clubs were in ensuring all those taking part were looked after.

Pictured here are some of the medal winners, from top left to bottom right:Daisy Roadnight (14, Pointers), Abbie Clifton (13, Springfit), Lauren Murray (14, Springfit), Lily Fairhall (9, Pointers), Cara Alonso (10, Springfit), Aidan Boakes (9, Springfit), Ellie Grant (11, Pointers), Lucy Fish (11, Springfit), Rebeccca Ogston (9, Springfit), Kieran Hart (9, Springfit), Callie Smith (8, Springfit), Ellie Porter (6, Springfit), Eloise North (6, Pointers)