The final Springfit Invitational trampoline competition of 2011 brought together many excited children and their parents on Saturday 12th November at Moor House School Sports Centre in Oxted.
The superb venue saw trampolinists from various local clubs and schools throughout Surrey compete in various age and ability categories, and provided many happy children with winners medals.

The amount of children competing in the beginners ‘Grade 8’ category was a record high for the tri-annual event, providing many first-time competitors with a chance to pit themselves against their peers, all of whom train only one hour a week, in an invitingly fun and friendly competition atmosphere. The youngsters showed fantastic spirit and determination to perform the best routine they could for the judging panel, and enjoyed the spotlight with smiles of confidence and pride. The medal ceremony had some delighted winners skipping up to the podium.

The advanced section followed, with more complex routines involving multiple somersaults and far more difficult moves. There were some spectacular demonstrations of strength and control on display, and some drama too, as the clear leader after the first round of advanced grades lost out on the gold medal to her sister. With an almost flawless routine, the brave 10 year old saw off some stiff competition from older and more experienced gymnasts but struggled with the more difficult voluntary routine in the second round.

Head judge Adam Reynolds said of the competition “Everyone has been so positive about the whole event and it was great to see such progress in the popularity and performances.”

Pictured below are the medal winners of the earlier grades and advanced sections.
From top left to bottom right of the entry-level grades:
Ashleigh Suddell (13, Springfit), Olivia Mullan (9, Springfit), Chloe Legge (10, Springfit), Ashleigh Davies (10, Pointers), Clarity Kennedy (9, High Vaultage), Amy Sweeney (6, Pointers), Lily Edwards (6, Springfit), Jessica Butler (6, Springfit) and Millie Grice (8, High Vaultage).

And of the advanced competitors:
Emily Reeves (9, Pointers), Jemma Belton (7, Anti-Gravity), Rebecca Morris (9, Anti-Gravity), Lauren Bridson (14, High Vaultage), Niamh Ryan (10, YMCA), Madeleine Field (11, High Vaultage), Lauren Bridson (14, High Vaultage), Kayleigh Dalton (14, High Vaultage), Abigail Moore (9, Anti-Gravity), Ella Price (9, Anti-Gravity) and Piya Shah (10, Anti-Gravity).