On Sunday 6th November, members of several local gym clubs competed in a two-part gymnastics competition at Oakwood Sports Centre, Horley. The disciplines of individual floor routines and spectacular vaults were scored by a panel of judges, and medals were awarded to those who performed the best in their age and difficulty category.

The standard of competition was raised once again, with children performing handsprings and somersaults on the floor to some fun and inspiring music. They also had a choice of vault to add to their score, and points were given for how well they overcame the apparatus. The audience provided much applause and encouragement for the young athletes, some of whom were competing for the first time.

The intermediate level competitors opened the show – for those who train up to 1 ½ hours a week. Those who train 1.5 – 3hrs a week are considered in the advanced section, where routines are longer and more complex, and the vault is higher. The competition is open to all recreational level gymnasts from clubs all over Surrey and the surrounding counties. The Redhill Donyngs representatives put on an excellent performance again, narrowly missing out on the medals, and members of Caterham based Pointers club took some of the podium spots.

Everyone went away from the event with huge smiles, especially the gold medal winners and those awarded the Judges Trophy Award for Effort.

Pictured below is 11 year old GOLD medal winner Zara FLint from Springfit, performing her floor routine.