Springfit gymnastics and trampoline club recently held class displays for the parents of each of their nine ability-based gymnastics classes.

All members performed moves on various apparatus to show off what they have learnt in recent months, and one lucky gymnast in each class was awarded a gold medal for attainment.  This progress medal is handed out in recognition of the effort and dedication shown by the young athletes since the last display. Chosen by the coaching teams who run classes, the decision is often a close one, with many showcasing new moves and highlighting improved strength and flexibility.
The parents in attendance commented on the amount of individual development they were enjoying seeing from their children, and were vocal in their support for the entertaining moves and demonstrations on offer. The gymnasts performed skilfully timed display runs to leap over vaults and fly through the air from trampettes, which engaged and delighted the crowd. The sessions help children get used to performing for an audience, and provide parents with a great sense of pride at watching them enjoy their sport.

Each and every child was congratulated for their excellent progress made in the last six months, and joined in the appreciation and joy for the selected winner whom their coaches considered to have excelled themselves the most.
Pictured here from left to right are all the March progress medal winners at Springfit club:

From Wednesday 6pm boys class: Daniel Brigden (7), Thursday 6:30pm boys class: Keiran Hart (7), Friday 5pm beginners:  Paarth Nagpal (6), Friday 6pm improvers: Hannah McHardie (8), Friday 7pm advanced:  Alice Tustian (13), Saturday 11am beginners:  Alice Lawrence (5), Saturday 12pm improvers:  Ruby Charlesworth (8), Saturday 1pm advanced: Chloe Lamy (10) and Sunday 11am beginners: Isabella Gair (5).