Calling all members and friends.

Our trampoline coach, Kim Christmas, who has been a member of the Springfit team for many years, is going to be running the London marathon for the Royal Marsden Cancer Campaign.  Please sponsor her at: or you can fill in the form she has, and she can collect once she has run.

Kim says of her ambitious feat:

“I am trying to raise £2000 for the Royal Marsden Cancer Campaign, to help to keep the hospital at the leading edge of cancer treatment, research and care. 40,000 people every year use the Royal Marsden Hospital to try and beat cancer and I hope, with the funds I raise, I will help some people spend more time with family and friends and less time in hospital. Someone very close to me had their life extended by 9 years because of the research and hard work that goes into investigating new cures, types of care and innovative surgeries. For this I am forever grateful.
I am running the 26 (very long) miles through London on 17th April (just over a month away, eek) and would appreciate any support and anything that you can give towards the Royal Marsden will be hugely appreciated.
Please pledge your support for her or find her to fll in on the form.
With thanks.
Kim Christmas