Gymnasts tumbled into action at the Pointers’ gym club Invitational Tumbling and Acrobatic competition on Sunday 13th March. Members of Horley-based Springfit gym club travelled to de Stafford Sports Centre, Caterham to take part in the annual event, and came away with most of the medals.

There was a large turnout of gymnasts along with friends and families who waited excitedly for their child to perform. The competition consisted of two disciplines, first being tumbling runs, starting with novice grades involving forward rolls and jumps, through to the advanced grades of front somersaults and no-handed cartwheels. Then spectators enjoyed some very diverse and well performed acrobatic performances to finish off the competition. Acrobatics is a discipline which uses no apparatus but only the strength and trust of each other to balance, catch, dance and flip around the floor area. Routines are performed to music with entertaining moves linking each element.

The audience were delighted to see the efforts of the gymnasts who took part and the judges were very impressed with the steady progression of strength and flexibility the gymnasts showed. Tumbles were strong for the complex moves involved, and the acrobatic pair and trio routines were choreographed by the children themselves.

Pictured below are the acrobatic medal winners (from top left to bottom right):

Emily Charman (14, Springfit), Cydnie-May Aldridge (13, Springfit), Maxine Coldrey (10, Springfit), Abbie Clifton (12, Springfit), Katie Pidgeon (13, Springfit), Amber Clifton (15, Springfit), Shai Holland (14, Springfit), Lauren Aldridge (11, Springfit), Eleanor Cox (12, Springfit), Hayley Walmsley (11, Springfit), Lily Fairhall (12, Pointers), Hannah Bagley (10, Springfit), Lucy Fish (9, Springfit), Francesca Bagley (12, Springfit), Sofia Sgambellone (10, Springfit), Lucy Parker (9, Springfit), Stacey Connor (10, Springfit), Zoe Smallman (10, Springfit) and Kirsty Chapman (9, Springfit)

And Tumbling medal winners (from top left to bottom right):
Emily Charman (14, Springfit), Hayley Walmsley (11, Springfit), Shai Holland (14, Springfit), Katie Pidgeon (13, Springfit), Abbie Clifton (12, Springfit), Daisy Roadnight (12, Pointers), Lucy Phipps (12, Pointers), Francesca Bagley (12, Springfit), Sarah Charman (10, Springfit), Lily Fairhall (12, Pointers), Kieran Hart (7, Springfit), Liam Arnold (7, Springfit), Kaitlyn Galvin (10, Pointers), Zara Coen (10, Pointers) and Becky Barker (9, Pointers)