The latest Springfit Invitational trampoline competition brought joy to many children and their parents on Saturday 5th March at Moor House School Sports Centre in Oxted.
The superb venue saw trampolinists from various local clubs and schools throughout Surrey compete for medals in various age and ability categories, with their friends and family enjoying the spectacle from the viewing balcony.

There were a record number of first-time competitors entering at Grade 8 of the Winstrada proficiency scheme, and organisers extended the duration of the event to accommodate those keen children. The youngsters showed great spirit and determination to perform the best routine they could for the judging panel, and overcame any nerves they had by enjoying the friendly spirit of the event. Proud parents witnessed a medal ceremony to remember, with some surprised and delighted winners taking the podium places.

The advanced section followed, with routines involving multiple somersaults from older gymnasts who have previously competed at the lower levels. There were some spectacular moves on display, and a good spirit amongst the competitors. The synchronised section where two gymnasts perform a routine at the same time as each other was a delight to watch, and the results were very close.

Pictured below are the medal winners of the earlier grades and advanced sections.
From top left to bottom right of the entry-level grades:

Alex Noone (10, Pointers), (Becca Morris 8, Anti-Gravity), Megan Balcombe (9, Pointers), Eleanor Lewis (13, Anti-Gravity), Annabelle Palmer (9, Pointers), Katie Sweeney (9, Pointers), Ella Price (8, Anti-Gravity), Jemma Belton (6, Anti-Gravity), Louise Corrance (7, Anti-Gravity), Emily Marsh (10, Springfit), Amy Hodgetts (8, Anti-Gravity) and Piya Shah (9, Anti-Gravity).

And of advanced:
James Crowley (16, Pointers), Rosie Fuller (14, Pointers), Leila Mani-Lundie (15, Pointers), Katie Pidgeon (13, Springfit), Abigail Ferguson (12, Springfit), Amber Jackson (8, Anti-Gravity), Emily Reeves (8, Anti-Gravity) and Breeze Maclean-Hewlett (11, Anti-Gravity).