The latest Springfit Invitational trampoline competition brought some quality bouncing to Surrey on Saturday 6th November at Moor House School Sports Centre in Oxted.
The superb venue saw trampolinists from various local clubs and schools compete for medals in various age and ability categories, while proud family members looked on from the viewing balcony.

Many children were taking part for the first time, and lots of them even walked away with medals. Coaches were impressed with the developing standard of the competition how much each competitor was taking away from the event. Parents agreed, with many commenting on their delight that such an event is available for their sporty little ones. Such a friendly event can help instil the importance of healthy competition while at the same time encouraging improvement and perseverance and can teach young people to manage the adrenaline of performing to a crowd. Levels of concentration are so high, and the delight at the surprise of the final scores is an emotion to be treasured.
Parents enjoy watching the spectacular advanced levels and pleasing synchronised category, where two performers jump the same routine at the same time.

The joy of winning a medal is evident in all the young athletes, and many of them are pictured here after the event.
From top left to bottom right:

Chloe Collins (13, Pointers), Jasmin Limb (12, Springfit), Jemima Clark (Anti-Gravity), Piya Shah (9, Anti-Gravity), Jessica Lottin (7, Pointers), Gemma Denman (10, Anti-Gravity), Breeze Maclean-Hewlett (9, Anti-Gravity), Emily Reeves (9, Pointers), Gracie Usherwood (11, Anti Gravity), Abigail Barker (14, Pointers), Annabelle Palmer (8, Pointers), Ella Price (8, Anti-Gravity), Abigail Moore (8, Anti-Gravity), Amy Thornhill (10, Anti-Gravity) Katie Sweeney (9, Pointers)

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