Springfit recently held gymnastics class displays for parents of all members of their 7 different classes. Parents were treated to a show of moves that gymnasts had been learning recently, and a medal was awarded to the child whom coaches considered to have made the most progress since the last displays.

The parents sit-in sessions are arranged twice a year to showcase gymnasts’ progress and perform routines for spectators’ entertainment. They are a great way of helping the gymnasts get used to performing for a crowd, and provide parents with a great sense of pride at watching them perform.
Various apparatus is used to provide a variety of individual skills to show-off, as well as group routines created by the coaches, which everyone loves to watch and perform.
Each and every child was recognised for their excellent progress made in the last 6 months, and coaches’ rewarded one member of each class with a gold progress medal to the child they considered to have excelled themselves the most. Effort and enthusiasm was taken into account, and there was plenty of show on the day, as each child performed their best moves.

Pictured here from left to right are all the March progress medal winners at the club:
From Thursday 6:30pm boys class: Ben Langmead (9), Friday 5pm beginners: Charlotte Cain (10), Friday 6pm improvers: Sacha Copsey (8), Friday 7pm advanced: Abbie Clifton (11), Saturday 11am beginners: Katie Vaughan (5), Saturday 12pm improvers: Jess Derham (10), Saturday 1pm advanced: Lily Porter (11).

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