On Sunday 21st March, local Gym clubs Pointers and Springfit came together at de Stafford Sports Centre, for a Tumbling and Acrobatic competition.

There was a good turnout of friends and family to support the many gymnasts who has entered, and showed their appreciation as each child performed. The competition consisted of two disciplines, first being tumbling and then very well performed acrobatic performances. Acrobatics is a discipline which uses no apparatus but only the strength and trust of each other to balance, performed to music with entertaining dance moves linking elements.

There was success for many of the younger gymnasts who showed good control at the novice tumbling grades which preceded the older, more experienced gymnasts showing their new somersaulting skills at the more advanced Grade 8 level. Each gymnast performed to their best and wowed the spectators with their strength, control and agility.

Judges were very impressed with the steady progression of ability the gymnasts showed in their well choreographed acrobatic pair and trio routines.

Pictured below are some of the medal winners. From top left to bottom right, they are;
Hollie French, Lily Porter, Rachna Patel, Emily Charman, Amber Clifton, Rachael Marklew, Daisy Roadnight, Dominic Montgomery, Emma French, Zara Coen, Kaitlyn Galvin, Lucy Pigeon, Hannah Bagley, Zara Flint, Lucy Fish, Asha Caley-James, Katie Pigeon, Chelsie Kilgannon, Francesca Bagley and Abbie Clifton.

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