11 year old Francesca Bagley from Redhill has been awarded the coveted “Fay Greene Award for Progress in Gymnastics” trophy for her outstanding achievements throughout 2009.
The trophy is the top honour at Springfit Gymnastics and Trampolining club, and is awarded annually to the gymnast who, in the opinion of the coaches, has made the most progress in the previous 12 months.

Chosen from over 200 club members through all classes, Francesca was selected as the person who has shown great enthusiasm for the sport, and has improved in every aspect over the last year. Though training only 3 hours a week, Francesca has been able to achieve new moves as well as noticeably increase her strength and flexibility, which means she can go further than ever in all disciplines that she takes part in at the club. From performing acro pairs with her sister, to flying over the vault and tumbling advanced grades on the floor, she relishes every aspect of gym that Springfit club provides, and enjoys sharing her love of the sport with her classmates.

Here Francesca is pictured celebrating receiving the trophy during her Friday 7pm gym class.

Francesca Bagley - Fay Greene trophy winner for 2009
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