Two sister clubs of the Saturn V Trampoline and Gymnastics Association; Pointers of Caterham and Springfit from Horley, brought their fundraising teams together for a sponsored 24 HOUR “bounceathon” recently. Fundraising can have its challenges, but this event is by far the most challenging feat the clubs have ever attempted! From 6pm to 6pm over 29th/30th December, the fundraising teams of each club came together at the local Saturn V Rebound Hall venue in Caterham, with the intention of keeping two trampolines continuously bouncing for 24 hours!

Over 100 club members came to help out throughout the event, taking on individual challenges too, and helping raise funds for new and exciting equipment, from pre-school gym soft play through to new floor
mats and throw in mats, asymmetric and high bars for girls and boys to use in their classes.

Some changed costumes every hour, dressed up or did face painting to keep the entertainment level sky high all throughout the endurance extravaganza. Others set club records for moves and skills, and one coach achieved 4,000 consecutive back bounces, over a 70 minute period at 4am!
The enthusiastic coaches formed a core team of motivated bouncers helping the early hours disappear, along with a healthy supply of midnight snacks! There was a lot of positive feedback from beaming club members and families, who came to show their support and help the teams out. The event ended with a roared countdown to a huge celebration by all those who had helped out. No doubt it then followed by a long sleep for those who had been awake for around 36 hours.

Altogether both clubs managed to raise over £1000, and appreciate all the help from the local community. Pictured here is a collection of coaches and members enjoying the fancy dress festivities.

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