Local gymnastics and trampoline clubs Springfit and Pointers joined together to host their first club display on Sunday. The event was 80’s themed, with over 150 children turning out in vibrant neon colours and funky hairdos, to show off skills they have been learning at their weekly classes.

Every class at each club had a part to play, as well as a group routine to perform to a classic eighties song. Each of the many proud family members in attendance were treated to a variety of performances, from floor and vault skills to acrobatic and beam routines.
In the first half the younger beginners classes showed particular aptitude in performing for the crowd, displaying great joy and pride in their dances and moves. After the interval, the advanced levels were on show, with their big moves receiving gasps and ovations from the spectators in attendance.
Pictured here is Dominic Montgomery performing a front somersault over the vault and over coach Chris’ legs.

There was so much happening in the large sports hall, that the gym floor had to be split into two for all the events to fit in, and trampolinists provided somersaulting routines to entertain the crowd during breaks. Everyone was kept entertained and enthralled for the whole show, and had much to say afterwards.

Coaches even joined in the fun, with daring displays and more outrageous costumes. Club manager and announcer for the day Adam Reynolds, said: “There were smiles everywhere, it was just infections. I really got into some of the routines, and I’ve only seen them from behind the trampolines! I think everyone involved did a great job and I’m very proud of all the coaches at the club.”

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