Designed by club members Georgina Donovan and Katie Pidgeon, the fantastic new Springfit leotards are now being produced by special order. The designs are exclusive to Springfit members, and available to buy now!

As you can see from the picture below, the result is as good as anticipated, with an eye-catching design and quality finish:

As they are a brand new bespoke design, in our own Springfit club colours, the cost of producing them is currently unfortunately a little higher than the Saturn V alternatives (which are still available).

Each individual leotard is made to order, and at the moment we are only able to offer them with approximately a 6-8 week lead time.

Orders can be placed in the following sizes:
XXS = 24/25″ Chest
XS = 26/28″ Chest
S = 30/32″ Chest
M = 34/36″ Chest
L = 38/40″ Chest
Please note that it is also possible to order in-between sizes if required, at no extra cost eg. XS/S or S/M.

Small sizes (XXS – S) = £42
Large sizes (M – XL) = £49

NB. This is the manufacturers’ cost of producing these unique garments. The Club does not make any money from orders. In the future it may be possible to look into alternative suppliers and bulk orders, which may affect cost.

If you would like to order yourself a Springfit leotard, please contact us on 0203 478 0203 or email